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Diaper Cakes and Diaper Babies

Ducks and Firetrucks diaper cake

The last two baby showers I decided to make diaper cakes. For the twins’ shower I would naturally make two diaper cakes and for our friends that left the baby’s gender as a surprise we kept the colors neutral. Just like regular cakes, the decorating is where the creativity comes in.

I’ve sort of had mixed feelings about diaper cakes in general. I realized that I just don’t like the idea of exposed diapers showing. I found the solution was to wrap receiving blankets around the cake just like fondant giving it a smooth decorative finish. I used paper shreds to cover the tops of the diapers and then decorated with coordinating ribbons and toys.

The gender surprise had a ducks and firetrucks theme. Daddy to be is a fireman and who doesn’t love rubber duckies!? I added the cute little puppies since they also have doggies. I also filled in with bouquets of faux flowers to keep that natural theme. Tucked inside the diaper cake were travel sized baby toiletries and a bottle of sparkling grape juice in the very middle. I mounted the diaper cake on a blanket wrapped receiving blanket where I stuffed the remaining diapers. We also made sure that we bought the diapers of their choice from their registry. Everything was held together with straight pins and string.

Sweet Baby boy  moneky diaper cake

Twins called for two diaper cakes, double the decorations, and a lot of diapers! We bought two of their diapers from the registry in newborn and size one. The newborn diapers made up the top two tiers of the cakes and size one made the bases. All the cakes appear to be a three tier cake, but there’s actually four. The twins theme was Noah’s Ark with a focus on monkeys and giraffes. We were able to find these soft animal baby rattles. Luckily there were two of each kind of animal we needed!

Precious darling boy monkey diaper cake

I also embellished these cakes with scrapbook pieces to showcase the boy and girl cakes.  They did have a sticky back, but the pins were what really held them on best. I considered using hot glue to hold it all together, and while it may have been easier, I wanted this to come apart easily enough to be used.

Giraffe girl diaper cake

Again hidden inside both of these cakes were baby necessities and sparkling grape juice. While were assembling these and the days they waited to be delivered the entire house smelled of baby. We weren’t sure if it was pleasant or off-putting. The cats were certainly interested in these and they had to be locked away from them. After all, baby toys are easily mistaken for cat toys.

leopard baby girl diaper cake

What was I to do with all the excess diapers? How about twin diaper babies!

Twins diaper babies

There are really great tutorials for these easy diaper babies. By far the hardest part was getting that pacifier in the ‘mouth’ and finding the right size basket to display them. They were definitely a hit at the party. While diaper cakes make people ooh and aah, diaper babies do the same with the satisfaction of being able to hold them. They turned out to be great practice as the heads weren’t very secure. So everyone had to be sure to cradle the head! Oh and they of course smelt of babies from all the diapers!

Twins diaper babies


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2 thoughts on “Diaper Cakes and Diaper Babies

  1. i love the pic with the two giraffes, great diaper baby ideas!


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