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Fired up at the Mirage

Much like the fountain show at the Bellagio the volcano at the mirage is one of those rare free entertainment shows in Vegas. It lost points for being the best free show for us since it runs hourly and good placement to watch the show was tricky.

Plus, have you ever tried to photograph fire? Fire is a tricky thing to get right. Water, like the Fountains at the Bellagio are much easier to capture. There’s a generally consistent light source. Fire, especially fireballs, tend to have a quick burst of really bright light. Which darkens everything else around it. I guess the Mirage is pleased that you really will only get the full experience by being in person.

We do think we got some pretty good shots and a fairly decent video. The crowd was much more cramped together for this show. Of course it would be, there was a lot of obstructed viewing areas. And if you miss the less then 5 minute show, you have to wait a whole hour to see it again.

There really was no seeing the show from across the street here. The side-walk was very cramped across the street and it was generally obstructed anyhow. If you went in front of the Mirage entrance, there was limited viewing space there as well. Plus you’d be standing at the valet area. Kind of awkward.

We circled the area to find a good spot and found our best option was at the corner of the street and the driveway entrance to the Mirage. We both attempted to take video and I switch to taking photos halfway through. The music is mainly percussions. They name drop the Grateful Dead drummer, Hart, making this what drum circles think they sound like. There’s an amusing video about the music and how they spent all their time studying volcanoes for this soundtrack.

Here’s our video of the show.


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