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Beardfest 2013

The beard search continues to this years TapNY Craft Beer and Food Festival! This was the first year we would be attending both days. We’ve had so much fun the last few years that we decided both days would mean double the fun. We found that too much of a good thing can be exhausting. We had a blast and enjoyed all of the delicious beer and food, but next year, we’ll just attend one day and spend the extra day in the house.

Hey look! It’s Justin Timberlake! Well, no, but he sure looks like him.

Isn’t he lovely? He was really jolly. Cheers!

Hobbs totally was going to steal this guys sneakers. I snapped a photo for him to remember them by.


Apparently some of us missed the memo to wear grey converse.

This guy looks like someone we know.

I’m pretty sure that this guy exchanged numbers with Brett. He really wanted this photo.

Oddly, I was still only able to get one shot of Brett approaching a bearded man.

We chatted with these guys for a while. We also played photographer for them with each of their cameras… or maybe they were strangers asking us to take their picture with these guys. I know, not even a little bit of beard here… but matching hats!

Words cannot express how much I love this one.

Bathroom capture. Kind of odd and a bit pervy.

This ginger was a good sport. He just poured me a lovely apricot wheat beer. It was delicious. I went back for more.

I’m pretty sure this was someone Brett chased from the mens room. He was a busy beard hunter.

He even accepted this lovely moustache for our collection.

I started to realize that we were capturing some of the same bearded men.

We also found some new ones.

This is what happens when you give your gnomes beer, guys.

This is a twofer. See the guy with the facial hair in the background?

Another ginger!

We bonded with this guy from last year, so we spent some time hanging with him and his lady.

Beard beginnings.

Goatee dreams.

We chatted with this artist about tattoos. I’m not sure why we don’t have his face since I remember he had a beard… or maybe it was a goatee.

Aaaaaand… Captain America! Guys.. it’s a bearded Captain America!!!

And he was great! Of course it was day two of beerfest for us, so we were not able to keep up on the wit.

He was clearly way more amp’d then we were.

And even funnier was this guy… Thor. Captain America had been following him around. They didn’t actually know each other. Classic.

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