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Crafty Hen Party

Entering the wedding world really introduced me to many silly things I never knew about. One that just tickles me is the term Hen party. I had never heard a bachelorette party called a hen party! Gotta say, it makes me giggle every time. Maybe it’s that slight British infatuation that seems to keep coming up around here. Well in that spirit, I recently hosted a bachelorette party for a good friend. Here’s some little highlights from the party.

We may not have called it a hen party, but all the ladies sure had feathers. I made 25 feather hair clips in the bride’s favorite colors. Each hair piece was unique. Some had zebra bows, some had lace flowers, some had red sequins. I really quite enjoyed making these. I’ve always had a ‘fascination’ for fancy hair clips. Most of you who know me have seen me rock a number of different color flowers in my hair. lace flower and feather hair clip

I’m not sure I understand how peckers always make the bachelorette cut, but I was authorized to include “a little penis”. I made pecker pops in different flavored chocolates with nuts.. ahem… in the appropriate place. There was almond flavor with almonds, white chocolate raspberry with blueberry/acai bites in the… bottom, plain white chocolate, plain milk chocolate, swirl, nutella chocolate with hazelnuts and probably a few others I can’t recall at the moment.chocolate penis pops

I had to make tags to warn they may contain nuts. I lost track of my flavors, so I couldn’t individually label the type each pecker was… next time.penis labels bachelorette party

I displayed these guys proudly on the cake pop stand Brett built for me awhile back along with the other mini desserts I made for the night. assorted chocolate penis pops

We made personalized water bottles just for the event. I have to say, this is probably the easiest DIY for any event. I highly recommend this. Especially because I’m a big fan of offering bottled water at any event. Your guests need to stay hydrated! They were a great take away for the nights events. When I lined them up, I offered a bowl of cherry cordial kisses and a bowl of non-asprins. Bachelorette party water bottle labels

I realized that since this was a drinking event and in our case, a bar crawl, I wanted to make sure we had coffee to keep us going. Ugly to go coffee cups clearly needed personalized coffee coozies. On a side note, the thermos in my little coffee stand kept the coffee hot for 24 hours. 24 HOURS! Oh, and only our driver had coffee in the end, but I still think it was worth the effort!Bachelorette party Coffee koozies

We also made a fun backdrop. It was originally going to be a photo booth backdrop, but it just looked too darn cute behind the buffet line. Also of note, as ‘easy’ as this craft was, it was tedious and time consuming. This right here is about three or four rolls of streamers. And I originally wanted to do three rows deep of these! Nope. I’m not sure if you can see, but I did setup a little light underneath to light the backdrop.Bachelorette party buffet

The food was inspired by the mini tasting cookbooks that the bride had on her registry. We have quite a few shot glasses, so I figured this should be pretty easy.

The menu had a Nutella mousse (made with greek yogurt and espresso), pistachio pudding, layered mango/strawberry jello shots (with booze), peanut butter cheesecakes, cold cucumber soup shooters, spinach artichoke bites, black bean and mango quinoa salad, baked jalapeno dip and individual veggie and hummus cups. I had mini spoons and forks, but most things didn’t require utensils.Bachelorette party buffet

I also made mini mojitos. I premade a lime mint base with our juicer. It was so limey I had to cut it with apples, pears and agave syrup. Then I pregarnished all the little zombie glasses with mint and a lime round and topped with a few shots of aged rum. Guests only needed to add ice, top with the mojito mix and a bit of pellegrino or club soda. Most of the guests found it very limey. It was good for some and not so much for others. More agave or sugar could have helped, I just didn’t want them to be too sweet. The mojito mix really got stronger as it sat.Mini mojitos

There was also sangria and an ice luge made of a certain part of the male anatomy. It’s too vulgar for photos. Just trust that you can get a slice of ice man dripping all over the place.

We finally got to try our hand at a DIY photo booth complete with props. It wasn’t anything fancy, we just set the camera to display on the TV screen and had a remote. Later in the night I setup my fancy Trigger Trap app that allows you to clap to trigger the photo. Pretty fun stuff for a couple of loud mouths at the end of the night. Bachelorette photo booth

I also made the red veil. And sashes for the bride to be and the mother of the groom. I was quite proud of how they came out. I can totally make sashes now.

The best part is, almost none of the food got eaten.

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