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Crazy crafty lady

We had our friends’ wedding last weekend and we did a lot of different crafts for the event. The wedding was eclectic but all the elements really reflected them as a couple. The overall feel was vintage outdoorsy. They are Dave Matthews Band fans and Jeep enthusiasts so we incorporated both in a few different places. We added Jeeps to the wooden wedding signs, the bride arrived in a Jeep, and they exited the ceremony in another Jeep. The Jeeps also were an integral part of the photos. Dave Matthews music was intertwined throughout the ceremony and receptions. I also made them DMB quote tent cards to include in the centerpieces for the reception.

DMB dave matthews band wedding quote cards

All quotes were hand-picked by the bride and groom. I took all the quotes and designed each one individually. We used black cardstock and metallic silver pens. Some had a nice glitter glimmer to them as well. I don’t have perfect penmanship… I have a gadget for this. I’m a little crazy.

I did all their other signs and the program too. Here’s the digital version of one of the signs. I sliced up the design to actual size and printed out on regular sized paper. We taped it all together and manually transferred via chalk rubbing to a 30″x20″ black poster board. Then retraced the guidelines in silver metallic paint. I wasn’t able to get a picture, the winery ‘lost’ this sign before anyone got to photograph or use it. It was a tad disheartening. There were a lot of steps involved in the manual labor of this sign and it turned out beautify.

Vintage open seating wedding sign - Please find the glass with your initials and site whereever you'd like

The programs I designed and printed on neutral colored cardstock. On one of our bridal sweatshop Sundays we cut the paper, nipped the corners to round them, riveted them together, and tied a bit of raffia. Vintage wedding programs

Since they had the wedding at a winery we used wine glasses they provided. We spray painted the base of the glass with chalkboard paint, hand wrote their names and wedding date on each one, then stuffed it with a burlap sack filled with Hershey’s hugs n kisses that had a tag that said hugs n kisses from the Mr and Mrs. Then I put the guests’ initials on these wooden tokens using a wood burning tool… so they would be like a wine charm…. yeah, I’m outta my mind.

Vintage wedding chalk and wood wine glass

Here’s a shot of most of the wooden kookies. At least that’s what we started calling these things. We even made sure they were all alphabetical when we packed them to bring to the winery. Which they did not notice and they ended up not in order at all on the day of.

Wood burning initials wine charms

But wait, there’s more wood burning. I made this tag for the card basket. Stained it with tea and a vinegar/steel wool solution. I have more pics on this one that I’ll post later.

Wood burning Cards sign

We also collected and cut 19 wine bottles to be used on each centerpiece. They each got rocks in the bottom (to level out a spot for the candle), a fuel cell (which is an oil version of a tea light) and each were wrapped with a bit of raffia. I will tell you that no matter how easy it appears to look online, bottle cutting is NOT easy. It’s not terribly hard either, but it is inconsistent and time-consuming. Each bottle is different. We found that the color of the glass also determines how easily it will ‘cut’. We did tend to get lazy about the sanding portion of this project. Which I will blame on the boys having enough of my wedding project sweatshops. It became, oh, this is smooth enough. In typical form, one of the guests at the wedding pointed out how much smoother hers were when she PAID for hers. Bitch. Just kidding, no not really.

Cut wine bottle

We used the tops too. We found these cheap led light branches. So we shoved the branches in the top of the bottle neck and fed the battery pack inside. Then we covered the bottle in twine. This picture will give you an idea of what wedding sweatshop looked like. There was actual bloodshed one of those nights… from the jagged glass bottle… BOYS!

The final centerpiece product looked something like this. We planned for ten tables with the branches. The larger tables would have a smaller version of this centerpiece with just a quote card and bottom wine candle vase thingy… totaling 19 centerpieces. This also did not happen when the location coordinator set these up.

DMB dave matthews band wedding quote cards

We made boutonnieres for the boys using twine, tea dyed lace, burlap and a few accents. This brought to you by the handy-dandy glue gun.

Are you getting how mad I am yet? Because the best part is… these guys are the most laid back, don’t need anything special at all kind of people. All of this was my fault. I really poked her about what she’d want. Then cracked the whip at the sweatshop. I only wish I had cracked the whip a bit harder with the venue’s “organizer”. She really sort of dropped the ball on a few key things. There is no doubt in my mind that I will need a day of coordinator when the time comes. I simply couldn’t get to all the places I needed to be on the day of to rope in those last straggler bits. The devil is in the details.

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3 thoughts on “Crazy crafty lady

  1. Ashley Hanslits on said:

    What is the gadget you got to help you with those DMB cards? I am looking for something similar and have no idea where to find it! Help!!


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