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Paddle me married: Super serious photo props

Wedding DIY is all the rage. Or so it seems to me. I realize that not everyone is up for the actual DIYing and may need some assistance. It seems that’s where I come in. I’m ready to make your DIY idea happen. Of course that’s possible… sure let’s do that! This time it’s for my girlfriend Liza.

“Hey do you do favors and stuff as a side gig?”

“Lol, yea, whatcha got in mind?”

“My coworker is getting hitched and she was looking for those wooden paddles that say just married.”

“Paddles? Like they’re going to spank each other?”

“Rothfl u WOULD think for spanking!!”

It seems that there really wasn’t any better name to call this project. It wasn’t really just a sign, it wasn’t just a photo prop and you can imagine the Google results with wooden paddle. See?! It wasn’t just my mind in the gutter.

We texted a bit until I had a good understanding of what she wanted. A driftwood looking piece with burned lettering that could make a trip to St John in her luggage. It would be for their photos and would say just married on one side and game over on the other in some kind of script. I saw her dilemma, there really wasn’t a lot out there. Everything was flimsy paper on a stick. There was only one Etsy seller and her painted paddles were in the $60 range. Pft, we can make these for much cheaper!

During the brainstorming and design phase I contemplated two different options and finally settled on this shape. I sent a few font options and she decided on these.

I decided these should be about 14 inches wide. I printed out the template and traced it onto some plywood we had in our garage. Brett used his jig saw thing to cutout wood and I sanded the rough corners with a palm sander.

Meanwhile, I was doing some stain samples with the scrap plywood. I used a vinegar and steelwool stain I had made for another project. I let the first coat dry, sanded the sample then added more stain.

After testing out scrap wood it was time to transfer our words to the paddles. I printed the text as a mirror image in the scaled size needed per my plans. Using a very small amount of water, I dampened one letter at a time to release the ink from the paper.

Transfer words on wood paddles for wedding photo props

Then used the cap of a sharpie marker to burnish the ink onto the wood. Scrubbing hard and trying to stay inside the ‘lines’ for a cleaner transfer.

Transfer words on wood paddles for wedding photo props

I filled in with the sharpie if it came out too light but the wood was light colored enough that I used very little marker.
Transfer words on wood paddles for wedding photo props

Game Over wedding paddle photo props

And the wood burning begins. The wood burning tool is similar but not the same as a soldering iron. You can find a wide range of tools from inexpensive to very expensive. The one we have is inexpensive. It also came with a variety of tips which I used a combination of tips for different areas of the script.

Wood burning Game Over wedding paddle photo props

I applied the stain after burning all of the letters.

Staining wedding paddle photo props

I waited for the stain to dry, sanded and repeated as with my sample.

Just Married wedding paddle photo props

Here’s how they looked after ‘curing’ overnight.Just Married wedding paddle photo props

Game Over wedding paddle photo props

And how they looked after the wedding…. that was not for a coworker, but herself! Sneaky monkey!Just Married wedding paddle photo props

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