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Party Like A Champion Today

I recently learned a lot about Notre Dame while preparing the details for a football themed surprise party. Particularly about the hand painted sign that says “Play Like A Champion Today”. The players all touch the sign posted above the locker room doors as they head into the tunnel that leads to the field before every game. A sort of good luck superstition just like we needed to pull off this surprise.

ND sign - party like a champion today

It seems this iconic sign was simply a lady that hand painted the sign years ago and didn’t think much of it. They have copyrighted the sign and have her handwriting as a font. Could I find this font to create my own signs? Nope. Enter Photoshop skills. I found a copy of the actual sign so I could mimic the font and get the colors right. Along my Googling I saw vendors charging a damn arm and leg for custom versions of the sign much like I wanted to make. Pfft… they weren’t even using the real font! Jerks.

ND sign - Pee like a champion today

I started moving some letters around until I could make the three signs. I printed them in parts so I could transfer the design to my foam core yellow poster boards. After they were transferred I mixed up some blue paint to make it a darker navy blue and hand painted the letters out. It took a few coats to get it dark enough, I wish I had just used a better paint to start. 😦

ND sign - Poop like a champion today

Placement was key for these signs. The Party Like A Champion was hung at the entrance of the party that lead into a ‘locker room’ area. Pee Like A Champion Today was hung in the downstairs restroom by the bar, and Poop Like A Champion Today directed guests to the main upstairs bathroom away from the party area. Because you can’t poop like a champion near all the guests!

ND sign - Poop like a champion today

The signs were a hit and added just the right amount of Notre Dame nostalgia for our guest of honor. We all certainly partied like champions that day even though I can’t confirm if anyone pooped like one at the party.

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