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I’m your Stout ch ch ch ch ch Cherry Bomb!

Hello world I’m your wild girl… filled with boozy cherries and chocolate Guinness stout cake.

I have a massive amount of these homemade boozy cherries I keep trying to use. My best friend’s parents make these every year. They go to a local farm for cherry picking, wash  and manually pit them all, and then begin the secret fermenting process. After a few weeks they have these wonderful moonshine like cherries. Both the juice and the cherries are delicious.

homemade boozy cherries

My first batch of Guinness cupcakes were a bit of trouble. I might have overfilled them a bit before putting them in the oven. Overflowing cupcakes were just not cutting it for this party. Rather then Brett and I eating all 24 ruined cupcakes, I decided to get creative and combine these two wonderful things together to make a sort of cake pop.

I crumbled the cupcakes and combined a bit of the boozy cherry juice. I molded it around the boozy cherry and used toothpicks rather than the usual lollipop sticks for my stem. Then I dipped it in lipstick red white chocolate. Meanwhile, I had designed the cherry bomb leafs to act as a label. Once everything was set Brett helped me attach the leafs to the toothpicks with a bit of clear packing tape.

cherry bomb labels

I dyed shredded coconut green for them to sit on top of when displayed and used a bright green tray.

cherry bomb cake pops

These little bombs reminded me of a German chocolate cake bite. The cherry was a nice surprise to rich dense chocolate stout cake. They were an easy bite size dessert for guests and a great outcome to what started as a terrible disaster.

cherry cake bombs


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