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Kevin is Old: Surprise Birthday Party

We’ve been slowly posting bits about the surprise birthday party we helped host for our friends. The PPC (Party Planning Committee) spent weeks tirelessly meeting in secret. Planning, plotting and crafting. I have to say, overall we pulled off one hell of a party! You may recall the party had a few themes, Notre Dame football, Jameson, being “old”, generally being Irish, and a little bit of poopie humor for our dear old plumber. Since there are so many parts we are posting this as a party round-up.

Since we had a Notre Damn theme I made my own table scatter with the ND logo

and little 40s.

Brett constructed a “Snackadium” that also wore a large ND logo.

We cut various sized Jameson bottles and relabeled them with the guest of honor’s custom Jameson label. The design (Jameson please don’t sue me) was used all over the place and highlighted everything about our guest of honor, Kevin.

We also threw his mug all over the place. Only the most absurd picture we could find of course.

We setup a ‘locker room’ with all the shirts we had made for the event. The display was so cute that we made everyone claim their shirt with a post it note so our guest of honor could see the setup.

We made a number of custom banners for each area.. for the food we went with “Early Bird Special”, giving us another chance to poke fun at Kevin.

The one outside focused on a few of Kevin’s interests as well as his occupation. My personal favorite was the steaming poop drawing.

We made touchdown plates to keep with the football theme.

And of course we did water bottle wraps.

We did a themed photobooth complete with signs directing everyone to the booth.

Which was a complete success.

Boozy Cherry Bombs on the sweets table…

and Bourbon Footballs both had a bed of green dyed shredded coconut for the grassy appearance.

We absolutely had to have Irish car-bomb cupcakes that we topped with pints of Guinness picks we made and wrapped the cupcakes in varying football patterns.

The cupcake was a Guinness Chocolate Stout with a Jameson chocolate ganache filling and a Irish cream butter-cream frosting.

All the desserts had quite a kick to them. We made sure the coffee also had some Irish cream and Jameson to spike as needed. 🙂


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