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Are you capable of murder?

We decided to throw a murder mystery dinner for Halloween since we had recently acquired the How to Host a Murder game. We were intrigued since the story was to take place in the 20s on a luxury cruise revolving around champagne. We recreated the invites that came with the game to include more information. Particularly to get more character details along with some 1920s slang to incorporate during the party. We also recreated the name tags so that they could be printed on labels and created placecard settings for everyone in their character. We did a lot of research into appropriate food to serve and came up with this menu.

For dinner we pulled out our vintage china and glassware. It was of course a formal cruise affair.

Grapes of FrathWe designed and printed these portholes to attach them to the thick white sheets we used to cover our actual windows. We stocked up on a lot of booze for this party. Brett shopped for prohibition style beer, champagne and various french rosé wines. Since the party’s host was supposed to be an internationally famous distributor of champagne and fine wines and the owner of Grapes of Frath. We created custom wine labels to affix on top of the original wine labels.

Grapes of Fraith wine bottle labels


We set up a champagne tower in the “atrium of the boat” using coupe glasses. The pouring of the champagne was quite the exciting event during the party.

We had various layers of sound throughout the party. First we setup a speaker on the first floor that looped cruise boat engine sounds all night. It was the heavy bass that you could feel from the dinning area on the second floor. The upstairs dinning area had a hidden speaker that looped creaky cabin sounds and the massive twenties soundtrack. We made sure that all songs played were time authentic, so nothing after 1925 played. We learned that most of us were creeped out by the music by dinner’s end as some guests really embodied their characters!

No Halloween party would be complete without some photos! We love the photobooth because it really frees us from taking photos. The bonus is it’s a ton of fun for the guests.

Grapes of Fraith Murder Mystery Photo Booth

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